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#TeamRCGC In Action

#RotaDeed for February 2016

This year for World Peace and Conflict Resolution Month (February 2016), we at the Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman are inviting you to help in spreading the word about world-wide peace, togetherness and the action of giving back.

How do we do this you ask? We would love for everyone to do something kind (a good deed) for another person during the month of February and post about it via social media while asking a friend to do the same. We will call this a #RotaDeed.
A #RotaDeed can be anything along the lines of helping another human being, like; donating, giving to someone less fortunate, cheering up someone that is having a bad day, buying someone’s lunch, and the legendary helping an old lady cross the road. As long as you are giving back, building goodwill and better friendships and doing something that is beneficial to another person then you are doing a #RotaDeed.

It has been some time since we have posted an update about the activities of RCGC. It has truly been a phenomenal journey for our club and I would like to share a few updates about our growth as an organization. 
RCGC Turns 9
First of all, a very happy birthday to our very own RCGC! We have made it past nine years as of December 15th! This for me was an inspirational day having had the pleasure of being a part of the beginning and continuation of our organization. We celebrated at Breezes by the Bay (our original meeting spot). I remember my first meetings at Breezes by the Bay and the foreign concept of bringing like minded individuals to the same place every Thursday in a round table. Look at how far we have come!
Membership Growth & Impact
Over the course of the years, we have had over 104 prospective members and guests! If each individual helped five people each month over the past nine years; we would have helped over 14,000 people. Small Actions make great impact!
Fundraising & Service 
We have provided over $20,000 in school supplies to children in need over the past four years alone. We have painted homes and cleaned up beaches and parks and have helped many charities and causes. We continue to show our love for the NCVO Foster Home and the wealth of support it provides to the community. We also continue; blood drives, fundraising to end polio and our award winning Brown Paper Bag Project. With our determination to ensure the betterment of our community as a driving force, there is no job too small for Rotaract and there is no task too large.
When I look at the last 9 relatively short years, I am amazed to see the growth of our past presidents, directors and members; whom have become leaders in the community and Partners and Managers in their careers. Without the service, fellowship and family of Rotaract who knows where we would have been. I know I have grown immensely throughout the last 9 RCGC years.
Our journey has not been easy and I am grateful for every Member, Director and President who stuck with RCGC through thick and thin to ensure that this little but great organization has not just survived but thrived. And I know without a doubt, it will thrive for another 9 years and continue to grow to induct second and third generation Rotactors...Full circle indeed!
So, as I look back on the last 9 years, I can't help but to look forward to the future, to see what RCGC does for 2016 and many years to come. Keep a look out!
Happy New Year!

Hello Fellow Rotaractors, Rotarians and Friends,
Three months in our new year and so many amazing things have happened! Africa has been Polio free for a year now and the so many amazing stories to share.
In our club we are not short of memorable moments from August; Vice President Pierre, Club Service Director Brooks and Public Relations Chair lead us in one of our most successful membership drives leading us with over 8 new guests and maybe more friends to hopefully join our ranks. And how did we celebrate it? With Drafting Games which was a LOAD of fun and of course every competition needs a winner.. Great Job to the team of Dir Renee, Member Rebecca, Guest Kwei and yours truly. 
We also visited Cayman Brac and assisted with Basketball Games and Painted a community center. 
Our School Supply-A-thon drive was an immense success we raised funds to help children with their school supplies for the year.
We continue to donate blood to assist with saving lives, come out and donate blood with us and save up to three lives.
In September we have Literacy and Education to look forward to and we will continue our year long projects such as Brown Paper Bag. 
To my fellow Rotaractors; great work and let us continue to shine in our district in being the gift to our world.

Pres. Matt

Hello Fellow Rotaractors, friends and all!
This month is a special month for us it is Membership and New Club Development month. We have kicked off our #RCGCDraft which is a unique challenge to grow our membership base. A great job to VP Pierre, Dir Brooks and PR Chair Ornella. I look forward to the photos on social media and new family join our midst. Are you interested in Rotaract contact me about joining this amazing group and becoming a part of the team.
What an amazing month we have had and the year and only begun. Rotaract is brimming with activity and our club has not been left out of the mix....
I would like to give you all a warm welcome to the Rotary year 2015 - 2016. First of all, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hov.. Actually its just Matt. As this year's president, I have the pleasure of serving the community and our Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman or as we call it RCGC. The first thing I would like to do is introduce our Rotaract Board for the year.
As we start this new year, I would like to take a step back and look at the achievements of our past year such as School Supply-A-Thon, Brown Paper Bag Project, Meals On Wheels, Beach Clean Ups, and so many more... I look forward to continuing our annual projects: 
School Supply-A-Thon,which has gotten off to a great start thanks to the gracious donation from Appleby! This year we aim to raise funds to donate to the Department of Children and Family Services, which will ensure students can have the necessary tools to learn and become better students.
Brown Paper Bag, which each month takes a meal to the Mental Health Court ensuring the attendees have at least one healthy meal with a positive message attached. 
We are off to a fast start within the club as well; our annual boat cruise We On A Boat is scheduled for July 19th, the registration is open for Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Guests! Our Bi-Annual Club Survey has already kicked off and will close on July 18th with a Club Forum. 
This organization is built on hard work, bringing out the best of ourselves, the desire to do better every time, and of course, fun...which we plan on having a lot of! A friend and amazing Rotaractor by the name of David Postic said "If you're not having fun you, you shouldn't be doing it." So let's go out, have fun and have an amazing Rotaract year!


RCGC has currently been meeting at Treats Restaurant & Juice Bar 

   We meet at our usual time of 6:45 am for a 7 am start!  Join us on Thursdays and please feel free to email us at to confirm    dates, venue or if you any questions



Elections! Introducing the 2015-2016 RCGC Board

While it is only 9 months into the rotaract year, we have elected our incoming board members. Introducing the incoming elected board of the Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman 2015-2016!



To Interact or Not to Interact? 

The Rotary Clubs and Rotaract Club in Grand Cayman met on February 14th, 2015 to discuss the potential charter of an Interact Club in Grand Cayman.  President Stephanie, Treasurer Ajoni and Club Service Director Julissa were in attendance among members of Rotary Grand Cayman, Rotary Sunrise and Rotary Central. Interact Clubs are geared for youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Rotary involvement would have a positive effect on this age group and the focus group agreed that it would be beneficial to charter both a school-based and community-based club by August 2015.  They indicated that this would also fill the gap between EarlyAct and Rotaract.  If there are any members who may be interested in joining the Interact Subcommittee or becoming an Interact Advisor, please contact President Stephanie for more information.

Caybrew Tour Fellowship - February 6th

Our February fellowship was held at the Cayman Islands Brewery. Rotaractors, Rotarians and prospective rotaract members had a great time touring the brewery. We went through the steps of how the beer is made, what flavours are chosen and what time of year they make each unique flavor. Lucky for us the tour included samples of any beer on tap. After the tour we had a great time chatting and playing games; making some new friends with some students from St. Matthews University. Check out some of our photos from the tour.




Orange You Glad...Your Coins Go To A Good Cause!

Rotaractors took to the supermarkets on Saturday February 7th to help raise funds for Meal on Wheels. Seen here, Rotaract Meals on Wheels Chairperson, Joel Porter and Rotaractor Tian start off the RCGC rotations for the collections drive at Foster’s Food Fair at the airport. #TeamRCGC powered through collections by having two members available for every available shift beginning at 8 am and ending at 6 pm.  Meals on Wheels has been an initiative that the Club has been participating in over the past few years. The Club volunteers to assist with delivery routes which usually last no more than 30 minutes.  MOW Chair Joel Porter delivers meals every week and members can join him and get involved with the Meals on Wheels Programme at anytime.

RCGC Blood Drive Begins...

On  February 14th RCGC started what will become a year long project. The local blood bank has recently requested assistance with more blood donations.. There is an increase in the need for blood due to more cardiac surgeries and the need to supply blood to three hospitals on island. Community Service Director Pierre Connolly was the first victim - I mean volunteer - to donate blood. Our goal with this project is to provide a constant source of people for the blood bank to draw blood from every 12 weeks.

Welcome to Miami!


President Stephanie and Treasurer Ajoni found themselves amongst Rotarians and Rotaractors of District 7020 this past weekend in Miami for District Leadership Training.The two jet-setted with DRRE Marzeta Bodden, Rotaractor Kelly McGee and Rotaractor Heather Roffey from Rotaract Blue to Miami, Florida for training.  They joined other members of the District 7020 who will also be part of the 2015-2016 District Board.







Brown Paper Bag Packing Party

Brown Paper Bag Packing Party was held on February 24th for a delivery to the Department Community of Rehabilitation on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015. Members met Community Service Director Pierre at Vice President Matt's humble abode for some imaginative and creative colouring of the brown paper bags. Lunches were then packed with the usual apple, fruit snack, chips, and juice.  Look out for next month's Brown Paper Bag Packing Party.
On Thursday 22 January, Danielle Coleman addressed RCGC on her experience as an alumni of Rotary International Peace Fellows. Danielle shared with us about her experience Thailand meeting the other students and the unique experiences she had. In her class of 19, there were 15 languages spoken and 10 religions observed. Danielle talked about the amazing impact it had on her  life and how she was able to apply what she had learned here in Cayman.
Danielle works with the Cayman Islands Red Cross.


On Saturday 17 January, Director Rosie planned an exciting day full of team building activities to strengthen the cohesiveness of RCGC members. The morning began with a power hour with the board members which allowed each person to identify their leadership personalities. This was followed by lunch as members of the club arrived for the evening portion of the day. After our bellies were filled, the rest of the afternoon consisted of group work, trust exercises and brainstorming activities. The day allowed us to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as a club and as individuals. After training, the group moved to the informal portion of the day for happy hour at Sidebar, enjoying drinks, nibbles and each other's company.


By Dan Nixon Rotary News 13-JAN-2015
Dr. Geetha Jayaram has dedicated her life to helping people in her native India and the United States overcome the torment of severe depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses. Jayaram is a psychiatrist and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality.
In 1997, a year after joining the Rotary Club of Columbia, Maryland, USA, Jayaram founded the Maanasi Clinic in Mugalur, Karnataka, India. The Rotary Foundation Trustees have chosen to recognize Jayaram with the 2014-15 Rotary Foundation Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award. She will be honored at the Rotary International Convention in São Paulo, Brazil, on 8 June.




2014 School Supply-A-Thon Flyer

If you or your organization would like to contribute to this initiative or have any questions on how to get involved with the community through Rotaract, please contact us via any of our social media outlets, website ( or email Director of Community Service, Pierre Connolly at



Happy World Rotaract Week from the Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman!!




Rotaractors, Rotarians and community volunteers read books for 5 hours straight at this year's Agriculture Show on Ash Wednesday at the LIFE Cayman station.



RCGC spent some quality time with the dogs at the CI Humane Society on Saturday and took them for much needed walks. As always…they were extremely grateful for the fresh air and attention.