The Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman is a self-sustaining community service club.  Although members pay membership dues to cover administration costs and upkeep of the club, Team RCGC facilitates all its community service and international projects through fundraising and some sponsorships.  Team RCGC truly believes that funds raised in the community should stay in the community, therefore all funds raised for community service projects must go back to the community, local or globally - although we focus on our local community, we do provide international assistance.  Team RCGC tries to be as transparent with our fundraising efforts and when fundraising, we will disclose who and what our efforts are for at all times.  If you and/or your company are interested in supporting one of our projects or general community service efforts, please contact for more information.  

As a self-sustaining club, we do accept financial assistance or sponsorship for club administration and upkeep.  Rotaract clubs empower and create a space for individuals between 18 and 30 to shine through community service.  Members of the community sometimes choose support the Rotaract movement by supporting the Club members through a variety of ways ie. financially, service discounts, venue discounts, gift certificates, club gear sponsorships.  At RCGC, this support must be clearly stated as general donations to the Club are reserved for the Community Service Fund.  If you and/or your company are interested in assisting the Club in this way, please contact