As a member of RCGC, individuals will become part of a team and a family.  Members will have travel opportunities, busy weekends, exciting opportunities to meet new people, friends, business leaders, network with industry leaders, meet other like minded people. Members are heavily involved in community service, fun socials, professional development, PETS training, weekly meetings. Being a part of the team is what you make of it. Membership has its requirements but every person makes their own experience.


Membership Requirements

The Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman has a breakfast meeting at 6:45am for a 7:00am start, Thursdays at The Greenhouse restaurant.

Prospective members must:

  • Attend 7 club meetings, 4 of which has to be consistent
  • Lead the planning of a project
  • Attend a project
  • Attend 2 fellowships (socials)
  • Attend 2 committee meetings



Rotaract is a movement.  It can lead an individual to become a leader, more confident, self-fulfilled and more involved in the community. Young professionals and college students join because they want to make positive changes.  They are drawn to bettering their surroundings and doing more for their community.  Some want to develop their leadership skills and being a part of Rotaract and Team RCGC does not leave you short of leadership opportunities.  Professional development is key to the success of our Club throughout the years as members strive for personal development and training opportunities through Rotary, the District and within the Club are endless.  As a member of Rotaract, member become part of the largest organizations in the world.  Rotaract opens the world of networking for an individual both locally and globally.  Rotary boasts over 2 million members and from many walks of life.  Team RCGC motto is service through fellowship.  We work hard but only while we play hard.  RCGC takes the work seriously but we also understand and love to have fun and make friends along the way.


Email us at rotaractky@gmail.com.